HighEdWeb2008 Conference: Infinite Solutions

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Have a Clutter-free Front Page: Using AJAX to Bring in Content on the Fly.

UAD3 Usability, Accessibility, and Design Track

Plaster Student Union Traywick Parliamentary Room


When designing our current athletics website, it became very clear that every sport wanted to have its information on the front page, easily accessible by all. End users only wanted to see the sports they cared about. We achieved a great balance by using AJAX to bring in lots of information after the page had loaded. This gave the end user only what he/she wanted, all without having a huge load time and still allowing every sport to be accessed from the main page. This presentation will go through the design obstacles we went through to reach our end goal, as well as the technical obstacles encountered through our CMS, and how we structured our data to get around this.


Richard Orelup
Programming Czar, Valparaiso University

Richard is currently the Programming Czar at Valparaiso University where he specializes in Web programming. He has been doing Web development for the past five years mainly working with PHP/MySQL applications as well as Rich Internet Applications using AJAX. Previously he worked for a local consulting firm where he participated on many different programming projects that helped him build a well rounded knowledge of Web technology and practices.