HighEdWeb2008 Conference: Infinite Solutions

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Adobe Flex: Flash for Coders and Programmers

PST3 Poster Sessions Track

Plaster Student Union Ballroom


Flash applications boast cross-browser compatibility, granular control over interface layout, and real time interactivity for users. However, the timeline-based Flash development tool is intended for designers and animators; this can be intimidating for developers versed in HTML, JavaScript, or server-side programming languages like PHP or ASP.

Enter Flex, an application framework that allows a programmatic way to develop rich Internet applications based on the Adobe Flash platform. An XML-based markup language lays out user interfaces, and interactivity is achieved through ActionScript.The framework also provides easy ways to integrate web services and exchange data with server-side technologies like PHP, ASP or JSP. 

In this presentation, we will cover: 1. The anatomy of a simple Flex application; 2. How Flex compares to Ajax, another popular framework for creating rich internet applications; and 3. Flex Builder, the primary development tool for Flex.


Christina Dulude
Web Developer, Duke University

Christina Dulude is responsible for the development and implementation of interactive applications at Duke University. She graduated from Indiana University with a BA in Comparative Literature, Gender Studies and Classical Studies, and a minor in Computer Science. She went on to earn a Masters degree in Information Science, also from Indiana University.