HighEdWeb2008 Conference: Infinite Solutions

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Library Floorplans 2.0: The GIS-based Spatial Information Manager for the Library

PST17 Poster Sessions Track

Plaster Student Union Ballroom


Space, and the management of it, is a challenge that besets every library. How do you manage within a finite space that which is intended to grow over time? As such, the library is the perfect model for a GIS-based spatial information management system. A geographic information system (GIS) is a configuration of computer hardware, software, and personnel specifically designed for the acquisition, maintenance, and use of geographically referenced data. In this exciting and informative presentation, Thom Cox will discuss how Tisch Library at Tufts University created a GIS-based Spatial Information Manager for the library to serve a wide range of applications. Thom will give an overview of GIS and discuss its relevance in the library of today, discuss how the system's data layers (rooms, infrastructure, collections, service centers, emergency, computer hardware/software) were created, demo the system, show actual high-quality maps generated by the system, and discuss and demonstrate Google Earth integration.


Thom W. Cox
Technical Project Manager, Tufts University

Thom Cox is a Web developer, project manager, and instructor with over 14 years experience in university and corporate settings. In his role as Lead Web Developer for Tisch library at Tufts University, Thom leads Web design and application development efforts, chairs multiple teams, and delivers instruction on a variety of topics. Thom has also presented instruction modules for Clark University and NELINET and will be presenting as this year's Internet Librarian conference.