HighEdWeb2008 Conference: Infinite Solutions

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Search Engine Optimization 2008: Beyond META Tags

UAD5 Usability, Accessibility, and Design Track

Plaster Student Union Traywick Parliamentary Room


Sure, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical for higher education websites, but how do you hit this moving target? We'll take a look beyond META tags to see how Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has evolved. There's a great deal of information about SEO, but much of it is written for organizations with a fundamentally different mission than ours. So, we'll place extra emphasis on the unique needs of higher education SEM. Since we all learn through cause and effect, we'll take a look at how relatively simple site editing measures have changed Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Other points covered: "King Content" rules the SEO kingdom; organic vs. pay-per-click; keyword strategy and tools; what is a higher ed conversion; current weight of search engine ranking factors.


Brian Smith
Web Developer, University at Albany

Brian Smith has been a web developer in higher education for the past eight years. Prior to that he spent three years working in the newsroom at WTEN, the ABC-TV in Albany, N.Y., where he learned about writing, formatting for TV and working on the new station website. In 2006 he received a certificate in human computer interaction for graduate work done at RPI. When not web developing he's probably playing YouTube videos of Godzilla and Mothra for his two young sons.