HighEdWeb2008 Conference: Infinite Solutions

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CMS Success at Princeton University

APS7 Applications and Standards Track

By using a CMS, Princeton has increased the number of sites for which the IT organization provides operational support from a few to almost 200. This presentation will discuss some of the reasons we believe we have been so succesful, the challenges we are still facing to provide service approaching the mythical "100% uptime", and how this success plays into our planning for a major disaster scenario.


John Wagner
Web Guy, Princeton University

John has been co-chair of the TPR track since 2002. When not working on the conference to avoid doing work, he is responsible for the Roxen CMS that Princeton adopted in 2004 as the university provided web delivery vehicle. In this capacity he is charged with making sure the customers have a running solution, but not responsible for any content creation. He has been with Princeton in various positions in IT since 1980.