HighEdWeb2008 Conference: Infinite Solutions

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It Isn't About the Feature Set: Selecting a Web Content Management System that Works for You

SAC1 Social Applications and Content Track

Plaster Student Union 308


In selecting a Web Content Management System (WCMS), a common mistake is to limit the selection process to sitting through vendor demos and building checklists of features. But vendor demos and checklists tell you little about how the WCMS actually works, how well the features are implemented, and how well the product works with your existing Web content processes.

At CSU Chico, we learned from our mistakes and experiences with our first WCMS and developed a process that allowed us to select a WCMS that better meets our needs and works with our existing content processes rather than against them. The keys to this process include developing realistic expectations of what a WCMS will and won’t do, involving the right people in the selection process, identifying the real issues behind your desire for a WCMS, understanding your existing content processes, and developing a product review process that works for you.


Anthony Dunn
WCMS Coordinator, CSU, Chico

Tony Dunn is the WCMS Coordinator at CSU-Chico. He has over 20 years experience in user interaction design, and nearly ten years experience in Web development. He has been the administrator for the existing WCMS at CSU-Chico since 2005 and led the team responsible for selecting and implmenting the campus’s new enterprise WCMS.