HighEdWeb2008 Conference: Infinite Solutions

Session Details

CRM Patterns, Puzzles & Prose: Bridging the gap for internal audiences

MMP5 Marketing, Management, and Professional Development Track

As a "how'd it go?" follow up to last fall's session on Integrating CMS & CRM at Gettysburg (we promise there won't be a 3rd session), the multidisciplinary project team from Gettysburg College and Dotmarketing will review the challenges and opportunities created by the initiative. Come get some (and share some) perspective and ideas for dealing with:
• Human and financial resource allocation
• Business process evolution
• Inter-divisional collaboration
• Wrangling multiple systems of record

Just like any web project, it's never really over (and it's hard to get it all right). Our goal of creating a personalized experience (with self-service tools no less) for prospective students and alumni has now put the spotlight on internal audience's needs. While applicants and alumni communicate primarily with an individual office, the enterprise-wide needs of internal audiences pose some unique and not-so-unique challenges. We'll further describe the common ground among the audiences, but also tackle:
• Design & usability issues
• Bridging the content & service gaps for internal audiences
• Staying "on Brand"


Paul Redfern
Director of Web Communications & Electronic Media, Gettysburg College

Paul Redfern was named Director of Web Communications and Electronic Media at Gettysburg College in June 2006. He provides leadership and support to the college community through the development and implementation of the Web and electronic communications. He also is responsible for managing the content of the website and all electronic communications to ensure the college's messages are presented in ways that engage the college's key constituencies and adhere to college guidelines.

He previously served as Assistant Director of Admissions and Coordinator of Electronic Media at Gettysburg College, where his duties focused on admissions communications and technology. Prior to that, he worked for two years in the Athletic Department at Gettysburg, serving as Assistant Basketball Coach.

Adam Forrand
Dormarketing, Inc

Adam Forrand brings more than 12 years of multi-faceted Higher Education experience to the consulting services team at Dotmarketing. Adam's unique expertise has been shaped by taking on several roles including his work as an admissions officer, his consultative work with authors, faculty, librarians and educational technologists on multimedia content development and delivery and as a technology business development manager. Adam's leadership in all of these areas provides his clients with solid insight and valuable collaboration in every step of a comprehensive web development project. Specifically, Adam refined his management skills in the web technology and print industry by working with several college content publishers & developers as Houghton Mifflin Company, Cdigix, Thomson Learning/Course Technology and Monotype Composition/Words & Numbers. Adam is passionate about the higher education enterprise and it manifests itself in his advocacy for all of a client's constituents.

Todd Bennett
Managing Director Consulting Service, Dotmarketing, Inc.

Todd Bennett is the managing director for connsulting services for Dotmarketing, Inc.