HighEdWeb2008 Conference: Infinite Solutions

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Why Microformats?

UAD5 Usability, Accessibility, and Design Track

Plaster Student Union Traywick Parliamentary Room


Designed for humans first and machines second, microformats are a set of simple, open data formats built upon existing and widely adopted standards. Instead of throwing away what works today, microformats intend to solve simpler problems first by adapting to current behaviors and usage patterns (e.g. XHTML, blogging).

Microformats solve a specific problem, as simply as possible, using highly semantic XHTML (already adopted by the W3C.) Microformats are designed for human readability first and machines second providing a new way of thinking about data. Get a crash course in Microformats today!


Daniel M. Frommelt
University World Wide Web Coordinator, University of Wisconsin - Platteville

Daniel Frommelt has been the Web coordinator for the University of Wisconsin - Platteville since 1997. Daniel has a staff of ten students who assist him in maintaining the core university Web pages, and with training faculty, staff and students on Web page maintenance and development. Daniel's background is in publishing, teaching, management, and computer technologies. Daniel is on the Board of Directors for the Higher Education Web Professionals Association, an executive committee member of the Campus Web Council of Wisconsin, a graduate of the State of Wisconsin's Club Tech 2000 program and a graduate of Loras College. Daniel is very active in pursuing Web standards and advancing Web technologies. He has written multiple articles on web standards and design techniques for "A List Apart" online magazine.