HighEdWeb2008 Conference: Infinite Solutions

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"C" is for Consistency: Accepting the CMS

PST1 Poster Sessions Track

Plaster Student Union Ballroom


We are the Penn State University Libraries: 20 campuses. 11 subject libraries. 20 departments. 73 Websites. 175 Web authors.

We are Binky Lush, Web developer, and Nikki Massaro Kauffman, technology training coordinator, both of the Department of Information Technologies & CMS implementation team members.

In our session we'll share how we leveraged creative marketing, education, diplomacy, and enforcement to bring the Penn State University Libraries intranet and Internet sites into a single CMS. We offer both the developer’s and the training coordinator’s perspectives on how to get buy-in on the consistent look, feel, and practices of a CMS when users have been accustomed to managing their own individual sites.


Nikki Massaro Kauffman
Technology Training Coordinator, Penn State University

Nikki is a Technology Training Coordinator with the Penn State University Libraries’ I-Tech unit. She has degrees in computer science and in education, and has worded as a programmer, a database specialist, a Microsoft certified instructor, and a high school English and communications technology teacher.

Her blog on technology, training and communications is "In Clear Text": http://www.personal.psu.edu/lnm105/blogs/cleartext/