HighEdWeb2008 Conference: Infinite Solutions

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The Influence of Socioeconomic Status and Race in the Development Training Solutions for Millennials

PST23 Poster Sessions Track

Plaster Student Union Ballroom


With the recent entry of millennials into the workplace, some employers have turned to outside consulting agencies to help develop training programs to accommodate this new breed of worker. However, the criteria for being tagged a millennial extend beyond the year in which a person was born to how that person communicates with and experiences the world. This begs the question, “Are all millennials created equal?” Do race and/or class play a part in the classification of a millennial? Pichardo (2006) suggests that race does indeed play a key role in Latino college students’ perception of what makes a millennial. My research extends this premise to explore whether other racial, economic, and social indicators influence college students’ perception of their status as millennials and what this may mean for employer’s in their training module development.


Marta Gwyn Collier
Graduate student, University of Arkansas

Marta Gwyn Collier is a doctoral candidate in workforce development education at the University of Arkansas. Her research interests are informed from her higher education background in sociology, communications, and alumni relations. The rationale for her research stems from a desire to bridge the communication gaps between disperate generations in classroom, work, and volunteer environments.