HighEdWeb2008 Conference: Infinite Solutions

Session Details

Graphics Optimization for the Web: Advanced Tools and Techniques

WRK2 Workshops Track

Plaster Student Union 308


This session will review, build and greatly expand upon the image optimization information shared at HighEdWeb 2007 in Rochester, New York. New topics to be included in this workshop will be Flash (.swf) file optimization, 32-bit .png optimization, and techniques associated with optimizing video footage. We will also discuss and illustrate the benefits of image optimization as it relates to software and GUI design as well, working to make the applications on one's computer(s) run faster while requiring less hard drive space to store.


Derek Tonn
Founder and CEO, mapformation, LLC

Derek Tonn is the founder and CEO of mapformation, LLC (www.mapformation.com), a custom cartography firm specializing in the creation of campus maps, building interior (floor) diagrams and city/area maps for use in print, signage and electronic applications. Derek is also the founder of GraphicsOptimization (www.graphicsoptimization.com), a service dedicated to improving the internet through education and services related to the creation of smaller, more efficient image file sizes. When you don't find him at his computer or entertaining his two daughters, you will likely find him out on a disc golf course somewhere in the state of Minnesota.