HighEdWeb2008 Conference: Infinite Solutions

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Using Subversion SCM for Web Applications

WRK10 Workshops Track

Plaster Student Union 315


While many websites now use content management systems for their content, Web applications are a little different in how they need to be managed. SCM, or Source Code Management is the process of managing change in the code base, giving you the benefit of being able to have multiple developers work on the same code, at the same time, while managing conflicting changes. It allows you also to do parallel development on multiple versions of the same application, as well as protects you from changes that may break your code, while allowing you to experiment safely since you can back out any change made. In this workshop, we will create a repository for a Web application, show how code can be managed in the repository, and demonstrate the use of various client connections to make using the repository easy, so it will get used! Bring your laptop, Mac, Linux or Windows, and you will learn how to connect to the repository and create your own locally on your laptop.


C. Daniel Chase
IT & Systems Development Manager, University of Colorado

Currently Dan Chase is IT & systems development manager for the academic advising center and the College of Arts & Sciences at CU-Boulder where he oversees the support of 135 users and is developing PHP-based web applications to replace old non-agile ASP applications supporting the advising process. Formerly webmaster and Web systems analyst for The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Dan has been involved with the HighEdWeb conference since 2000.