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Using Our Web CMS to Produce Academic Catalogs

TPR3 Technical: Propeller Hats Required Track

Plaster Student Union 317


This presentation will focus on how we use our RedDot Web content management system to edit, approve, and publish - both electronically and in paper form - our academic catalogs. This is a project in development and I will discuss where we are in this process, our original plan and how we are succeeding, any lessons learned, and what changes or updates we have made from our original plan.

Our current catalog has been produced by an outside vendor in the past. We have used Word files from this vendor to create our catalog project in the CMS. We have created a navigation structure for the catalog that represents the table of contents from the print catalog. We import our course descriptions from our Student Information System (Datatel Colleague) database and then publish this both Web and print versions of the catalog.


Anne Macdonald
Managing Associate Director, Suffolk University

Anne Macdonald is currently the Managing Associate Director for Web Services in Suffolk's ITS Department. She has been working at Suffolk for 9 years and has been responsible for the web site for the past 8 years. In those 8 years, she has overseen 3 web site redesign projects including the last redesign using an outside vendor for design and implementing a Content Management System. She now oversees the school's web site, the content management system and the school's portal system.