HighEdWeb2008 Conference: Infinite Solutions

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APS5 Applications and Standards Track

Plaster Student Union 315


Ozarks Technical Community College (OTC) in Springfield, Missouri, enhances its community relations, recruiting and marketing efforts with routine integration of videos on the college’s website. The initiative began in August 2006 by frequently showcasing college events, programs, departments and employees. Current videos spotlight the institution’s fitness center, the first-ever theatre production and the announcement of a new education center for the region. In addition, a video newsletter is produced every month, and the president of the college also addresses the community by recording a video to discuss new endeavors and news of interest.

The webcasting effort utilizes many departments to ensure its success. The entire scope of the program will be discussed: the initial monetary and staffing commitments, as well as the production scheduling and time budgeting. Also, the presentation will elaborate on the positive impact on the institution, from community relations, internal and external communication, recruiting, marketing, and enhancing the college’s image. Several colleges and universities produce videos and post videos on their institution’s websites. OTC’s webcasting takes the process to another level, by offering a visual media that is fresh, updated, and dynamic.


Joel Doepker
Director of Public Relations and Communications, Ozarks Technical Community College

Joel Doepker's experience lies in video production and television news reporting. In his professional career he has worked as a television photojournalist, videographer,and television news reporter/fill-in anchor. He was hired at Ozarks Technical Community College in August 2006 as the director of public relations. Joel's responsibilities include the initial process of webcasting, managing the College's marketing and managing internal and external communication.