HighEdWeb2008 Conference: Infinite Solutions

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Test-driven Development for Web Applications

TPR5 Technical: Propeller Hats Required Track

Plaster Student Union 317


As more users rely on the custom Web applications built at our institutions, testing and development strategies need to evolve to professionalize the software development to ensure the robustness of the applications. Test-driven development is a software design philosophy that emphasizes writing tests and implementing software to meet those tests. The foundation of this development philosophy surrounds writing tests for the fundamental pieces of the application, before the code for the application is written. This ensures that all features are accounted for before hand, and can lead to better understanding of the client & software requirements.

This presentation will introduce the concepts of test-driven development, inform the audience of the benefits and drawbacks of this approach, and emphasize how testing can create more robust applications. Specifically, the talk will focus on unit testing for the underlying code, as well as functional browser-based testing for Web applications. I will introduce unit testing frameworks for major Web languages, as well as automating functional browser-based testing using Selenium.


Brett Bieber
Senior Web Application Developer, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Brett is the senior Web application developer at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and develops database driven Web applications for the office of University communications.