HighEdWeb2008 Conference: Infinite Solutions

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Evaluating the Accessibility of Web Content with WAVE

UAD3 Usability, Accessibility, and Design Track

Plaster Student Union Traywick Parliamentary Room


WAVE is a free tool that can be used to help evaluate how accessible a page is for users with disabilities. Instead of creating a text-based report of accessibility errors or alerts, a WAVE report displays the original Web page with embedded icons and indicators that reveal the accessibility information within a page. WAVE has been available since 2000 and is currently used to evaluate nearly one million web pages each year. Recent updates to WAVE have made it more powerful in evaluating complex, dynamic Web content, including Rich Internet Applications (RIAs).

This session will outline how to use WAVE as part of an accessibility methodology. This methodology allows thorough and accurate determination of the true accessibility of Web content.


Jonathan Whiting
Director of Training and Evaluation, WebAIM

Jonathan Whiting, M.S., is the director of training and evaluation at WebAIM. WebAIM is a non-profit organization based at the Center for Persons with Disabilities at Utah State University. It is one of the most influential Web accessibility groups in the nation. As an instructional designer, Jonathan has published dozens of articles, tutorials, and other instructional resources. He has also traveled extensively to train hundreds of higher education Web developers, content creators, and other professionals who develop or maintain Web content. In addition to training, Jonathan has also provided Web accessibility evaluations and reports for several higher education institutions.